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If the sky has a hell...

...Then surely the sky can wait.

About this journal
This is a fic journal. I write according to which fandom I'm currently in.
About current fandom: Johnny's! My favorites are Arashi and KAT-TUN. Even though I'm more of an Arashi fan,I will certainly write more about KAT-TUN,simply because while I totally love Akame,I have no pairing I love more than another in Arashi.I may try to write a fic about them,without any pairing,but the possibilities aren't very high...
As said above,I currently write a lot about Akame :)

Due to school and (especially)to lazyness,I'm not a very fast uptader,please forgive me for this.

What I write
I write mostly one-shots,especially drabbles! I have tried multi-chapters fics,but I have rarely,if ever,finished them.Though I might try again in the future,I think they will be short,around 5/6 chapters.
About the genre,I mostly write romance/fluff,because it's all I'm really good for XD General is good too xD I like Angst though,so I try to write it once in a while. I'm a sucker for happy endings,so I don't think I'm going to write a fic that end badly,because it will feel like it's unfinished to me...

About friends
You can friend this journal if you want to keep track of my fics,but I won't friend you back. I friend only with my personnal journal (see under),so if you want to know about me,it's there you have to visit ^^

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